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Lesha Shayev is 14 years old, and he looks like an alien. It is impossible to describe his appearance in a way that would make an ordinary person appear. Because there is nothing ordinary about Lesha's appearance.

When Lesha was born, the whole maternity ward ran to look at him. The boy had an elongated head, deformed ears, thin, parchment-like white skin, an unhealed abdominal wall. There were no eyelids, no lips, no jaw; instead of a mouth, there was a round hole. There were membranes between the crooked fingers. The genitals were indistinct - the doctors even doubted that it was a boy.

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The disease - ablepharon-macrostomy syndrome - turned out to be very rare: Lesha was the only one in Russia at that time (now there is a girl named Taisia who is also known). And there are no more than a dozen people worldwide with this genetic disorder. Not surprisingly, the prognosis was one: the child would die. But he didn't die; he is still alive. And for the past three years, happily.

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His mother gave up on Lesha right away. He had no chance of being placed with a foster family. He lived in orphanages until he was 12 years old, the last one was an orphanage (boarding school). And then Leshu was accidentally seen in a photo by Nadezhda Yarikhmetova and took the boy into her family. However, a year passed between their first meeting and the day when Lesha found himself forever at home. Before going to see Nadezhda and Lesha, I looked at photographs of the boy. I had been warned to prepare myself for Lesha's unusual appearance. And as I stand in front of their door, I think I'm ready. And then I go into the kitchen, see Lesha sitting on a chair, and I stop breathing evenly. Nadezhda tells her son that we're going to talk about him now and, if he wants, he can stay. The boy gestures that he would love to listen to us, nods at me and averts his eyes.